What’s nicer than running through a field of flowers, eating strawberries and dancing in the sun?  
Well, using a natural deodorant in our opinion. But why switch from your chemical based drugstore brand to au-natural?

5 important factors you need to know about:

It’s time to say goodbye to nasty chemicals...

For good.  Unpronounceable chemicals are great for science experiments, but not for your sensitive pits! Our skin absorbs up to 85% of what is applied to it.  If your current deodorant contains any of these ingredients, ditch it right away;
Aluminum - prevents sweating and has been linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. Your body needs to sweat!
Phthalates - causes infertility, hormone imbalance and are endocrine disruptors.
Parabens - an estrogen mimicker, also a hormone disruptor.
Tetrasodium EDTA - Used as a preservative, it’s actually formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, ew.
Triclosan - an antibacterial substance that negatively impacts the immune system, is an endocrine disruptor and when it eventually makes it’s way to our water systems, is highly toxic to aquatic life.
These ingredients can lead to illnesses and long term diseases..

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Prevent illnesses now…

Start right now before it’s too late.  We need to concentrate on preventative total body and breast health.  The research is in, toxins and chemicals from our everyday lives are found in cancerous breast tissue, with a higher concentration in the armpit area.

Scientists are finding these results in biopsied breast tissue as well as samples from mastectomies. By taking preventative steps in our own health care using gentle, natural deodorant, we hold our future in our hands.  We can make positive change happen now and encourage our friends and family to do the same!


Save the environment

Loving nature means taking care of it. You can do this with the small decisions you make. We must be aware of what we put on our bodies AND what we wash down the drain every day.  Chemicals in drugstore brands often use triclosan which causes abnormalities and deformations in aquatic life.
Triclosan is specifically highly toxic to algae, a first step producer in the web of life, and when poisoned creates a chain reaction and possible destruction of the balance of the ecosystem.  Our wastewater systems can only remove up to 25% of triclosan before it enters our world water supply.  This is just one example of how our carbon footprint impacts the rest of the world.  Chose natural body and cleaning products for a healthy home and family.

Ethical and cruelty free choices…

The choice is yours but how to decide?  Make a promise to yourself, the Earth and your fellow humans to be thoughtful and use conscious decision making when purchasing household items. Many large parent companies that create smaller ‘natural’ deodorant lines still test on animals. Don’t support this.  
Do some digging and check the internet to see exactly what’s in your deodorant, who makes it and if they test on animals. What makes a deodorant cruelty free is that none of it’s ingredients are tested on animals in any capacity. What makes a deodorant vegan is that there are no animal by products in it, like beeswax.  Beeswax is for bees, not armpits.  Choose pain and suffering free, natural deodorant.

Hippy Pits is Vegan and Cruelty Free. Get yours now. 

Feel confident, be your beautiful self…

Whatever you do in your life, whoever you are; friend, sister, yogi, mother, athlete, traveller, brother, caregiver, student, lover, wanderer, child at heart, writer, animal whisperer, hero, peacemaker, life changer...you deserve the best because you are giving it your all.  Find what is right for you and your body. Everyone’s biochemistry is different, we all smell different and react to products differently.  Giving natural deodorant a try, one that actually works, will give you the confidence you’ve been looking for. Sweating is ok but smelling stinks.  Help manage your individual scent by eating a clean diet, exercising regularly and applying natural deodorant to your sensitive pits.
Hippy Pits natural deodorant is free of chemicals, vegan, gluten free and handmade with love.  We use unique ingredients that no other deodorants in the world use.  Our deodorant conquers smells and keeps you smelling great. We also care about you… A lot.  


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