The 10 Hippy Commandments

  1. Thou shall not hate, only love.
  2. Thou shall not sing, unless it's with all your heart. 
  3. Thou shall not dance, unless it's a dance with all thy might.
  4. Thou shall not wear shoes. Who needs shoes?
  5. Thou shall not speak unkindly of anyone, except for large corporations and government.
  6. Thou shall not follow the crowd, think for thyself. 
  7. Thou shall not treat mother earth unkindly, or allow others to do so.
  8. Thou shall not use evil chemicals or science, unless it's for recreation purposes.
  9. Thou shall not harm any creature of the universe, dead or alive.
  10. Thou shall not smell, wear hippy pits deodorant.
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